I have no doubt that only Robert Edward Auctions could have done justice to my collection. I could not recommend your services more highly...   Read the full letter

Barry Halper

I appreciate the incredible job Robert Edward Auctions has always done for me in selling material from my personal collection. Whether you were helping me sell the famous T206 Honus Wagner for over a million dollars or and oddball lot that sells for only $500, I have always been overwhelmed in every way with the quality of your service and the results...   Read the full letter

Michael Gidwitz

I'm looking forward to seeing them in the auction catalog, where they will be displayed with a quality of scholarly presentation that I have come to regard as the industry standard...   Read the full letter

Bob Lemke, former editor and publisher of Sports Collectors digest and editor of the Standard Catalog for 25 years

It is an undeniable fact that Robert Edward Auctions, by a large margin, is the 'King of Circulation'...   Read the full letter

Jerry Barnard, Dartmouth Printing