Financial Security

With Robert Edward Auctions you not only get absolute top dollar for your consignments, you get unparalleled peace of mind. In addition to fully insuring all consignments, Robert Edward Auctions has literally millions of dollars in assets (which guarantee the safety of your consignments) and NO liabilities. When you consign your valuable material to Robert Edward Auctions you don't have to worry about the financial stability of the auction house. All too often such issues are not even considered by consignors. When dealing with one's financial security, it's important to know you are dealing with a firm of sound financial status. There is no substitute for a strong balance sheet.

Successful Collection of Auction Billings

Robert Edward Auctions has an unmatched record for successfully collecting in full all auction funds due by winning bidders. Problem accounts are pursued utilizing all proper and legal channels, resulting in an adjustment due to reneging problems record that literally approaches zero.

Service/Speed of Payment

Robert Edward Auctions has always been extremely proud of our spectacular record of service to both buyers and consignors. After each auction our goal is to AMAZE bidders and consignors with the speed with which we ship auction winnings and checks to consignors. Each auction we strive to set new standards for speed and efficiency of auction reconciliation so we can get auction proceeds into consignor's hands FASTER.