Lower Commission Rates

Technology has created greater efficiencies and opportunities to offer more favorable commission rates than are currently the norm in the collectibles world. Our new commission rate schedule takes these savings into account and passes them directly to the consignors. Robert Edward Auctions will still be just as demanding as in years past regarding the quality and value of consignments accepted, but will be able to offer lower rates than in the past.

Many auction houses, in the sports field and elsewhere, charge standard seller’s commission of 20% or more. In the "old days" (which, amazingly, was just a few short years ago) this type of commission was required to support the finest marketing efforts possible. That is no longer the case. And not only will we not be sacrificing anything in terms of quality, we will actually be offering a superior service - and not just compared to our past efforts, but compared to all other auction services, and with a larger circulation than any other auction.

Our commission rates range from 15% down to ZERO PERCENT, depending on the exact quality, value, and the investment in time and resources required to most ideally present a given item or collection at auction to the collecting world. If you’re curious about the commission rate that would apply to your item or collection, the best way to find out is to call us!

Robert Edward Auctions is all about circulation, marketing, integrity, and treating your valuable material with the utmost care and attention to every detail. We know that the commissions sellers pay have an impact on the bottom line. We know that sellers can't afford to compromise on the quality of service which is so essential to quality auction results, yet sellers are often faced with the prospect of excessive transaction costs which can sometimes even make the difference between making money on a given item and taking a loss.

Without compromising on our primary mission - to make sure every lot sells for the highest price to the buyer willing to pay the most in the world - we make sure that commissions are as modest as possible, and that you get your money's worth for them. We also make sure that sellers don't get hit with any minimum fees or other hidden charges. Technology, efficiency, experience, economies of sale, and low overhead (except where it counts - in the form of money spent providing circulation and marketing for your material) allow Robert Edward Auctions to offer the finest auction service in the collecting world - and at the most reasonable and extremely competitive rates possible.

Our goal is to ensure that both bidders and consignors have complete peace of mind and confidence in the auction process, and that your material brings top dollar. And just as important - that that top dollar goes in your pocket.