Knowledge and Experience

No one knows more about baseball cards and collectibles. Period. What we don't know we find out - using our vast informational resources and access to experts in all specialty fields of collectibles.

The importance of such expertise cannot be underestimated. It is essential for both the writing of proper authoritative descriptions as well as to allow for the extensive informational support bidders expect and demand at auction time. When bidders want to know details about a rare or early candy or PCL issue, the relative rarity to one Old Judge Cabinet Hall of Famer versus another, or exactly how a particular item (such as an uncut sheet of Goudeys with a #106 Lajoie) compares in condition with other known examples, the answer "We don't know" simply doesn't cut the mustard. At Robert Edward Auctions, WE KNOW. And this knowledge translates directly into greater comfort and confidence for bidders, and higher prices for consignors.

We specialize in the very best in all areas of baseball collectibles, as well as other sport, non-sport, and Americana collectibles including political and campaign memorabilia, autographs and manuscripts, and original illustration art.

If you have quality material you think might be of interest, please call or contact us.