The Premier Auction Service

Each year, an endless sea of auctions presents an overwhelming array of buying and selling opportunities. Collections go to auction; buyers and sellers rely on the integrity of the auction house; and millions of dollars change hands.

In this environment, trust is critical.

As a buyer, you need to trust that you are participating in an honest auction. An auction where the house acts as a facilitator of transactions, and not as an active participant. The auction house should not own any of the material, set any secret hidden reserves, permit its employees and executives to bid in the auction, provide inaccurate descriptions, make undisclosed restorations to the material, or intentionally not disclose any conflicts of interest.

Anything less would be unfair, and unethical.

As a consignor, you need to trust that your material is being presented in the best way possible to the largest audience. In an auction where there are no conflicts of interest, where the house does not own any lots, where the material is offered with the most detailed and thoroughly researched descriptions, and with the widest possible circulation. Where bidders can have the greatest degree of confidence in every way. Anything less would not do your material justice.

With all the auction houses at your disposal, there is only one that can boast all of the above. Robert Edward Auctions. For both buyers and sellers: The most trusted auction house in the hobby.