Largest circulation

Robert Edward Auctions offers not only the largest circulation of any auction devoted to baseball and sports memorabilia, we offer the ONLY auction with a circulation which is guaranteed by a circulation audit. Amazing circulation claims are often made, but if they aren't true they don't do you much good. Recipients of Robert Edward Auctions catalogs include everyone on our private mailing list (10,000+), everyone we have ever done business with during the past 30 years, all past recipients of Robert Edward Auctions catalogs, as well as additional significant methods of distribution. Significant advertising appears in all major trade publications.

It doesn't get any better.

It's no secret that larger circulation translates directly into BETTER AUCTION RESULTS. Fancy catalogs are great but if they don't get into the hands of potential bidders then they don't do consignors much good. Robert Edward Auctions' tremendous circulation virtually ensures that there will be NO ONE in the entire world of collecting who MIGHT be interested in your material that will not see it in our auction.

My recent retirement allows me to finally provide this verification of the truth: Robert Edward Auctions has always printed and sent out literally thousands more catalogs and provided its consignors a greater circulation than any other auction company for which Dartmouth Printing has ever produced auction catalogs. Dartmouth Printing is one of the largest printing companies in the United States and has printed dozens of baseball card and memorabilia auction catalogs. It is an undeniable fact that Robert Edward Auctions, by a large margin, is the 'King of Circulation'...   Read the full letter

Jerry Barnard, Dartmouth Printing